Talos 4 is a mega city/pirate outpost, within a space station in orbit above the new world planet Kerberos, on the edge of the Black Sea sector of the galaxy. Originally built by the Talos Mining Company, to be luxury housing for the miners and explorers who would assuredly flock to fill the jobs that would follow the discovery of major Aetherium deposits and Predecessor ruins on Kerberos.  Things went sour when Kerberos turned out to be a far harsher planet than its lush green looks would have one believe. Mining proved difficult because of hostile environments, native species, and the predecessor ruins were deadly; most who entered never returned. Things got even worse as several major events caused widespread death. The worst of these being the infestation of ravenous, giant, flesh-eating insects who are said to still roam the dark areas of Talos 4 and the great blood plaguethat decimated 1/4 of the population.
The project was bleeding money and eventually Talos Mining Co. sold the property to a shadow corp funded by an alliance of space pirate gangs. Talos 4 has since become a safe space for pirates to peddle their wares and for smaller or less scrupulous companies and investors to move in and gamble on the hard fought riches awaiting on Kerberos. Freelancers now flock to the station to earn credits doing jobs for these corps or setting their skills towards finding riches on Kerberos themselves. Security within the station is provided by The Black Suns Merc Co while the pirates provide security from space.

The city of Talos 4 is divided into 4 separate, walled of districts and movement between them is monitored and controlled. Passage from one district to another requires passing through a border security checkpoint. Though rumors abound that there are passages through old service tunnels one can take if they know the way and will risk the dangerous pests that roam the tunnels.

The four districts are:


Uptown: Business hub and higher class living

The Gardens: Middle class living


The Docks: Primarily industrial area where many residents work

The Slums: Catering to space pirates and freelancers this section is where one would find hotels, bars, and any manner of debauchery one could want. gangs are rampant here and most people who live here are poor or worse.